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Important WIPP stay closed until good plan made

The New Mexico Environment Department got tough with the feds to the tune of $54 million in civil penalties. And for good reason: a leaky drum of nuclear waste packed for shipment at Los Alamos National Laboratory that contaminated nearly two dozen workers at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant near Carlsbad and resulted in closure […]

Dependence on fickle oil, gas no fun

By Tom McDonald State columnist It’s almost laughable the way Americans just can’t win with gasoline prices. If they go up, it’s money out of our pockets, and if they go down, it’s money out of our investments. Poor folks couldn’t care less about how it affects the financial markets; they’re all for the cheaper […]

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Lord doesn’t expect what we don’t have

By Judy Brandon Religion columnist I told this story several years ago in my weekly column and I believe it is worth telling again. Several years ago, I had purchased a CD with Christmas songs sung by children for my grandchildren. Not long after that, I was on the way home from some doctor appointments […]

God entered the world at Bethlehem, and most didn’t notice

By Curtis Shelburne Religion columnist When the King of kings landed at Bethlehem, when God the Almighty began Heaven’s assault on Satan’s turf, when the forces of the Divine arrayed against the forces of evil, the landing craft (as C. S. Lewis has described it) was a manger. The God of the universe wrapped himself […]

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