Zits and Wisdom

Rachel Sauer

So much for all those slammed doors, all those angst-filled hours in front of the mirror, all those Oscar-worthy face plants onto tear-stained pillows.

Zits have lost their power to ruin adolescent lives.

They still can ruin a perfectly good day, of course, and cause various moments of agony. But for sheer “I’m never coming out of this room again” anguish, zits have to compete for teenage attention.

“I think (adolescents) are dealing with lots more than zits today,” sais psychotherapist Jill Case of Colorado Springs, Colo.

“When zits were the issue, the world was a different place,” she said.

Which is to say, kids are going to go to the dance regardless of what their skin is doing. Gone are plans altered because of a zit, the endless tubes of Oxy-10 that never matched actual human skin tones, the pancake makeup, the life lessons gleaned from a Noxema commercial.