Photographer dreams of owning a gallery

By Angela Peacock

Freezing a moment in time so it may be remembered forever is what DA Black does for a living.
The Melrose native was invited to Thursday’s Friends of Library Meeting at the Portales Public Library where he has had 11 pieces of his work on display since the library open its doors in July 1999.
Black, 43, developed a passion for photography after he took a ski trip to Colorado. He has been shooting photos for 15 years, but it wasn’t until 1991 that Black decided to make photography a full-time career. Aside from Rhode Island and Delaware, Black visited every state in the U.S. and traveled to an estimated 15 countries to shoot photos. His work has appeared on the covers of periodicals like New Mexico Magazine, Explore and American and American Eagle airlines.
Black dreams of someday owning a gallery and also hopes to publish a book. But for now he said his biggest goal is to finish his web site in order to market his work worldwide.
“What keeps me going is the way people react to what they’ve seen when they look at my work,” Black said. “About 80 percent of the work I sell are prints of something someone has actually seen. It’s like they’ve been visually transported back to where they’ve been.”
Black has explored some of the most famous and exotic areas in the world, but the place he desires most to call home is Alaska, which is where he will moving within the next three weeks.
“The solitude, wilderness and animals of Alaska is a photographers dream,” Black said.
Having the talent to take something such as a tumbleweed or fence post and create a way to turn those images into a beauty work of art is what Portales Public Library Director Denise Burnett said is so unique about Black’s work.
“It takes a special eye to see what Black does. His work speaks to a common image in a still moment, and I love his stories about how he gets his photos. He knows where to be to get the shots he wants finds and is going to find a way to those shots even if he has to hang up-side-down” Burnett said. “Whenever I’m driving somewhere I don’t ever think about how something would look if at dusk or how it may look in a different setting, but Black takes time to stop and smell the roses. He appreciates life and everything in it.”