County to set rates for vehicle inspections

By Mike Linn

The Roosevelt County Commission voted Tuesday to charge residents a set rate for choosing to have vehicles inspected by the sheriff’s department rather than by the Motor Vehicles Division.
Roosevelt County Sheriff Tom Gossett said the free service provided by his department has at times tied up one of his employees two out of his four work days.
The rate is set at $50 for inspections by the sheriff’s department. Inspections at the Motor Vehicles Division are free.
“The $50 rate would be a minimum suggestion, but I think that will act as enough of a deterrent that my one certified inspector won’t be tied up too much anymore,” Gossett said.
Commissioner Tom Clark said he liked the free service because the sheriff’s deputy would come out to his land (in Rogers) and do the inspection if his car wasn’t running — a service the MVD won’t provide.
At the same time, Clark added that deputies have policing to do and that is and should be their main job.
The commission also approved:
— A joint powers agreement to house prisoners for the Town of Elida.
Elida officials recently hired a police officer who sooner or later will make an arrest, said Roosevelt County Attorney Eric Dixon.
The county will charge Elida $55 to house the inmate from 12 to 24 hours, $27.50 to house the inmate between one and 12 hours and any inmate there under an hour would be free of charge, Dixon said.