Portales Junior High News, May 30

Billie Dixon

Honors students
Students packed the old gym on May 21 with their families to recognize that hard work pays off. The American Legion Awards, presented to one eighth-grade boy and girl, reward students for their scholarship, attitude, cooperation, leadership, initiative, responsibility, honesty, service, friendliness, appearance and patriotism. Nominees included Dora Garcia, Morgan Erf, Tori Teague, Shyla Carthel, Mario Salazar, Eric Visage, Chase May and Kyle Adams. Principal Steve Harris stated that it is an honor to be nominated, and each of these students deserves special congratulations. The American Legion Award winners for 2003 are Chase May and Shyla Carthel.

Cruz Ontiveros and Amanda Terry won the Doug Hill and Clyde Hopper awards respectively. These awards originated after the deaths of Doug Hill, a student at PJHS. Hill lived the traits that make a young person the pride of parents, joy of teachers and boast of coaches. Clyde Hopper was a former teacher and principal of PJHS when he died in 1984.

Scholar athlete winners
The Scholar Athlete Awards recognize students who have participated in two sports and have the highest cumulative grade point average in their current grade. Seventh-grade includes Celeste Gonzales, Kayleight Keller, Jordan Roehl, Kassandra Short, Toree Stobb and Samuel Martinez. The eighth-grade winners are Morgan Erf and Kyle Adams.

Three sport awards
The following eighth-grade girls earned recognition for participation in three organized athletics sports: Jessica Adkins, Myraima Baeza, Shyla Carthel, Morgan Erf, Brianna Hernandea, Shareese Nusser, Sasha Parker, Kaycee Quick, Tori Teague, Amanda Terry, Sabrina Villanueva and Janet Walker. These eighth-grade boys earned the three-sport recognition: Kyle Adams, Richard Cage, D. J. Lopez, Chase May, Cruz Ontiveros, Skyler Partin, Hunter Rackler, Mario Salazar, Eric Segovia, Chance Sherburn and Tobi Wiest.

Talent search
Two of the Trio Programs administered by the federal educational program target lower achieving students. The Rocky Mountain Talent Search, however, focuses on the top academic 10 percent of the student population. Junior high students scoring 90 percent or above on the composite, reading, language or math parts of a standardized test may apply for the Rocky Mountain Talent Search administered through the University of Denver. Once accepted, these students may take the ACT or SAT test to qualify for scholarships or admission into college. Although students don’t send their junior high scores to universities yet, the experience they gain and information of areas for improvement give them advantages when they take the tests as high school students. Higher scores enable them to receive more scholarships and admissions into more universities. Counselor Alan Dodd presented the Rocky Mountain Talent Search awards to Kyle Adams, Kaleb Aguirre, Maricruz Cole, Celeste Gonzales, Samantha Grider, Megan Hillis, Katherine Knudson, Sunny Liu, Jefferson Powers, Keith Seefeld, Eric Visage and Bryan Watson.
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