Business seminar to educate residents

Mike Linn

A group of professionals will come to Portales this week to give a seminar on the basics of start-up businesses, from the planning aspects to the possible monetary rewards of such undertakings.
Every month a handful of residents in Roosevelt County seek advice on how to start their own business, said Kim Huffman, the executive director of community development for the Roosevelt County Chamber of Commerce.
Westcorp, a non-profit organization funded by grants, will specifically cater to those people from 6 to 8 p.m. on Wednesday at the Roosevelt County Chamber of Commerce. The seminar will be available in both English and Spanish.
“This Westcorp is tailor-made to help start-up businesses,” Huffman said. “They provide training if you need to know how to do software inventory control, or ordering your parts, or running your books and business accounting and stuff.”
Huffman added that the group also has funds to loan for start-up businesses.
Mayor Orlando Ortega said he discovered the group a few weeks ago on a trip out of town. He asked them to give the seminar in the hopes to spark interest in business development in the community.
“My goal as mayor is to stimulate growth, and small business development is part of that growth in our community,” Ortega said. “My vision for small business in our community is great. I can see shoe stores, clothing stores and other small businesses in our downtown area in the future.”
Associates of Westcorp could immediately be reached for comment, but Ortega said the group is specifically designed to help maximize the success rates of small businesses by teaching good planning techniques, which according to Ortega is the most important aspect of small business start-up.
If the need is great enough, Ortega said he may invite the company to open an office in Portales.