Holiday spurs memories of fatherhood


The first day Jim Wood became a father he had some advice for his first-born child.
He said, “T.J., would you stop whining?”
The baby boy, T.J. Wood, looked at his father and ceased all the wailing associated with child birth.
“That was a special moment,” said Jim, who will celebrate 13 years of being a father today.
Since that day, Jim and T.J. have spent plenty of time together, hunting big game and roofing houses.
“I do just about everything with my dad,” T.J. said, “but my favorite activity with dad is hunting.”
T.J.’s most memorable moment with his father was the day he shot a prong-horn antelope near Milnesand. Other activities the two embrace include summers when T.J. works at his dad’s construction company and raising 20 quail on the family property.
“He’s not just my son; he’s my friend and buddy,” Jim said. “We love hunting together. If it has a hoof and hair we hunt it: deer, elk, antelope, ducks, geese.”
Jim added that T.J. is very disciplined with the money he makes working for his father, saving it for high-priced items like a motorcycle and new hunting equipment.
Four years after T.J. was born, Jim and his wife Shirley had a daughter, J’Nae Wood.
And while J’Nae sometimes accompanies her father and brother on hunting expeditions, she likes most her dad’s humor, his funny stories and how he tickles her feet.
“I like it because it makes me happy when he tickles my feet, and when he holds me and I get to sit on his lap,” J’Nae Wood.
Jim says J’Nae is “all-girl,” and is independent like her mother.
Jim vividly remembers the first time J’Nae spoke because she didn’t just shell out a word or two, but a complete sentence.
The family was out shopping for a present for Jim when J’Nae, about 18 months at the time, strung together about five words.
“She said ‘That present is for dad,’ and I was shocked,” Jim said. “It wasn’t like she said a word or two; she started out with a sentence.”
Jim credits God and his Christian faith for the development of his children.
“God blessed us with good kids,” Jim said. “Our kids are good because of Jesus Christ.”