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Nita Thurman

These folks are celebrating birthdays June 14-27: Amber Hamilton, Macy Rae Jordon, Joel Taylor, Stephanie West, Barney Chandler, Leah Chenualt, Cutter McLaine, Taylor McLaine, Sunni Brooke Dixon, Bell Hale, Joel Nuckoles, Travis Holms, Christopher Galvan, C.L. Roach, Andrea Good, Colin Cobson, Dollie Self, Jorgie Chavez, Delma Graves, Blake Cotton, John Hatcher and Manuel Jasso.
Anniversaries include Mr. and Mrs. Kendall Terry.

Police update
A town committee held an interview session last week for the position of police officer. No decision was made.

Planning meeting
A town hall meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday at the Senior Center to discuss a community development block grant. There will be a presentation by high school students.

Swimming lessons will be available July 7-18. Call the town hall for more information.

Around town
I’m sorry there wasn’t any news last week, but I was in the hospital.
Barney Chandler has recently been visiting his son and family in Byres, Colo., but is home again.
Have you taken time to view the painting in the downtown square? Thanks to all who have helped.

Nita Thurman can be reached at 274-6411.