Mechanic a man of great compassion

By Angela Peacock

Watching TV and sharing ice cream with his best friend, a Boston terrier named Sassee, is how John Bogey enjoyed spending his evenings, family members said.
A caring and helpful man was how Oleta Bogey described her husband of 27 years. Oleta said besides his time with Sassee, John, who worked at Cannon Air Force Base for 30 years as a mechanic, enjoyed fishing and woodworking.
“John was my best friend; he always bought me a big box of chocolates that I never really wanted for Valentine’s because he wasn’t much on buying flowers and things like that. But once, just to surprise me, he came home with a big bouquet of flowers,” Oleta said.
Compassion for people is what Oleta will remember most about John, a man she said that had strong spiritual faith.
“He believed with all his heart in God and in taking care of his family,” said Oleta, explaining that Johns faith in the Lord showed through his actions. “He was truly a man of God.”
John’s daughter Patricia Wilson, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, will also never forget her father’s compassion, especially when it came to making her life easier any way he knew how. She said whenever she needed to travel somewhere John was always right there to take her and eventually bought her an properly equipped van so that she could run errands by herself when others weren’t available to take her.
Anything’s possible when a person puts their mind to it is the message John instilled in his 15-year-old granddaughter, Danyell Wilson. She said even though John “spoiled me rotten,” she would let him do over again in a heartbeat.
“He was the only man in my life that was like a dad, so I’d classify him as my dad,” said Danyell. “When I was a just a little girl I started calling (John) Gandy. It’s all I could think to call him … or I just wanted to be unique.”