Judge making way to federal district court

Darrell Todd Maurina

Judge Robert Brack of Clovis appears on track for confirmation by the end of summer as a federal district court judge in New Mexico, according to the office of U.S. Sen. Pete Domenici.
Domenici sponsored Brack’s nomination by President George Bush.
Brack, one of five nominees for posts in the federal district court system interviewed Wednesday afternoon by the Senate Judiciary Committee, is currently a New Mexico state district court judge serving Curry and Roosevelt counties.
“The questioning of Judge Brack was relatively brief and focused on explaining his judicial philosophy, which he said was based on showing justice, mercy and humility,” said Chris Gallegos, Domenici’s press secretary.
“For his part, Sen. Domenici was pleased with the outcome of the hearing, and does not foresee opposition to Judge Brack,” said Gallegos. “Confirmation would clear Brack to assume the full-time position open in Las Cruces.”
Brack was unavailable for comment, but Gallegos said that is standard practice.
“He has an understanding with the White House and the Justice Department that he will not speak to media while the process is under way,” Gallegos said. “That applies to all the nominees once they reach this level.”
Ninth District Attorney Brett Carter said he has appreciated practicing before Brack’s court and has mixed feelings about Brack’s possible elevation to the federal bench.
“Obviously on a personal level we’re happy that he was confirmed for the federal district court judgeship but for the office we’re sad to see him go,” Carter said.
“I think he treated everybody who came before him with fairness,” Carter said. “He will bring a sense of fair play and he’s also extremely knowledgeable in all facets of the law. It will be a great blow to this community to see him leave and go to the federal bench.”