Bible forms mother’s view of life

By Angela Peacock

Teaching her children examples of right from wrong by following God’s Word is how family members said Toynette Stockard lived her life.
“The Bible was the strongest factor in mother’s life. She always lived her life by his Word. She loved the stars, moon and nature but never forgot to accredit him for everything,” said Rhonda Garcia, Stockard’s daughter.
Stockard, who died June 13, had seven children and instilled in each of them how important it is not to judge other people and that there is always a time when it’s better to say nothing rather than something that might later be regretted.
“My mother loved everyone, and always taught us if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. I’ll never forget her unselfishness; how she wanted everyone to be happy above herself,” Garcia said.
Treat all people equal is another lesson Stockard shared with her children and is something Garcia hopes she’s passed on to her family.
“God made everyone which means all people are worthy of being treated equally is something mother always tried to make us see,” Garcia said. “I’ve never met and probably never will meet anybody who is as sweet and consistently as good of a person as my mother.”
Unprejudiced with a great respect for God’s Word is also how Evelyn Isbell described her mother. Isbell said she was a woman whose loved never ceased.
“My mother raised seven children, and if she ever had a favorite child, I wouldn’t know to this day who it was,” said Isbell, recalling Stockard’s devotion to the Lord. “Mother was truly a woman of Christ. She didn’t always have a lot of extra time for hobbies but she did enjoy music, poetry and always studied the Bible. She gave her life to her family and to God.”