Wedding brings unexpected joy

Jim Lee

Well, here it is the sixth of July. It doesn’t seem possible, does it? It’s hard to believe history has claimed half of the year 2003 already.
A year sure goes by quickly when we’re having a good time. And I’m having a real good time this year. A highlight of the first half of 2003 came recently when I attended a wedding.
Normally, I wouldn’t call a wedding a high point of any half year. Like most guys, I generally look forward to weddings like I look forward to funerals or having a tooth drilled without anesthesia. But this wedding was really something to look forward to. It was definitely a high point of 2003 for me.
The company of special people creates a special occasion, and this was no exception to that. As a matter of fact, it was downright wonderful. I was honored to be invited, and I thoroughly enjoyed the event.
Saundra and I were invited by the parents of the bride. They are among the finest people anyone could have the pleasure to know. I suppose I should try to say something cynically witty and clever here, but it wouldn’t fit, and it wouldn’t be honest. The simple truth is that I had a real nice time with really great people at a beautiful wedding.
The wedding took place outdoors, outside the bride’s parents’ lovely Portales home. It was a beautiful setting. All who participated in the ceremony did a great job, and the weather cooperated. Everyone there made everyone else feel welcome and comfortable. The dinner and reception went perfectly. Saundra and I had a really good time and felt very privileged to attend.
Before the wedding I had never had the pleasure of meeting the groom, but he certainly seemed like a fine young man to me. I first met the bride when she was a teenager. I was her English teacher. She impressed me then as a fine student and a great kid. Now she’s through college and a fine young woman stepping into the adventure of professional challenge and personal fulfillment.
I wish her and her husband God speed and a lifetime of smiles. I wish them a journey of blessings and only enough obstacles to make the good times even better. As one of my high school teachers wrote in my year book when I graduated over 40 years ago, “Just enough thorns so the roses don’t get monotonous.”
For the first time in my life, I thoroughly enjoyed attending a wedding. Fine events are the result of fine people, and it was never truer than it was on this occasion.
How about that? No cynical remarks or corny quips this week — but I can’t promise anything about next week.
Andrea and Patrick, be happy and always remember your big day with a special smile.

Jim Lee is news director for KENW-FM radio. He also is an English instructor. He can be contacted at 359-2204. His e-mail: