Determination hallmark of Portales woman

By Angela Peacock

Janis Bundy was a patient woman, but when she made up her mind to do something, family members said there wasn’t anything that could stop her.
“Janis hadn’t been in good health for a while but no matter what, when we wanted to do something we did it; sometimes it just took a while. She was a very determined woman,” said Janis’ husband of 34 years, Gene Bundy.
A deeply religious, determined woman who he thought of as his best friend is how Gene described his wife. Most important to Janis was family, then her church and, no matter what the situation, Gene said he knew his wife would follow through.
“She was so solid and dependable sometimes even before you knew what you needed it was already there,” Gene said.
Strength is what Gene said he admired most about Janis. After she was diagnosed with cancer, the doctors told her she only had three months to live, but Gene said next month she battled her disease for almost four years.
Janis graduated from Eastern New Mexico University where she later started a career as a graphic designer, which Gene said she thoroughly enjoyed.
“She really liked all the people she worked with. The job was always a challenge and she was a creative person so she really loved helping to design different things for the college,” Gene said.
Going camping and hiking was a regular family custom for the Bundys, and even after their daughter started her own family, Kathie Haman said she would still go with her parents each year after Thanksgiving to the forest and hunt for a Christmas tree.
That family tradition has left Haman with one of her most cherished memories about her mother, she said.
“We told everybody we are just going to walk over that hill and look for a tree we’ll be right back, but it didn’t happen that way,” Haman said.” It was like the blind leading the blind. We were lost for the majority of the day. We didn’t find our family again until the sun was about to go down.
“I shared a lot of good laughs with my mother that day,” she said. “We didn’t have any jackets, no matches, food or water but we still had a great time together, just me and her.”
A very loving mother with a deep devotion to her husband are two memories Haman said she will never forget about her mother, but what she said stands out the most about her mother was her mother’s faith in the Lord, and is with a doubt something she hopes to pass on to her children.
“Her priorities were teaching us about God; loving him and trust in him no matter what,” Haman said.