City Council approves 2003-04 budget

PNT Staff

The Portales City Council met for a special session meeting Tuesday night and approved a roughly $13 million budget for the 2003/2004 fiscal year.
The only major difference in this year’s budget from last year is some $137,000 that will go to fund various additions and improvements, including police cars and road equipment, council member D.K. Shafer said.
“It’s a pretty tight budget, but they typically are pretty tight,” Shafer said.
Mayor Orlando Ortega cautioned city officials from straying from the budget with future adjustments.
“I recommend that we stick to our plan as much as possible — this is our road map,” Ortega said. “We should only amend the budget in emergency situations.”
Also at the meeting:
— The city council approved a waiver of conflict of interest for Doerr & Knudson’s law firm to represent both Roosevelt County and Portales.
Roosevelt County commissioners already signed the waiver two weeks ago.
Commissioner Jake Lopez asked Knudson what would happen if a legal dispute were to arise with the city and county involved.
Knudson expressed that one attorney could represent Portales and the other the county. But, Knudson said since his law firm represents both entities legal disputes may be worked out easier.
“The county is wise in choosing this firm,” Ortega said. “They have provided excellent services to the city.”