Faith Temple school changes

By Kevin Wilson

Faith Temple Christian School has a new name. Faith Triumphant officials envision other changes soon — a day when the school’s athletic and academic facilities are in one location.
The church and school are located on the 600 block of West Fourth Street, but the eventual goal is to move the school to property on North Boston. Construction is under way, but school Principal Todd Terry said there is no timetable when the school might be able to make a move.
“There is no particular plan,” Terry said in reference to an opening date for the new school.
At its current location, a residential area of Portales, the school is landlocked and cannot put up new buildings that would fit its needs.
“We needed a multipurpose facility that would house both classrooms and a gymnasium,” Terry said. “Our students just need a place to carry out their athletics. That’s one of our main reasons (for wanting to move).”
Terry said the North Boston property has fields for softball, six-man football and soccer. The school uses the Baptist Children’s Home for home volleyball and basketball games.
Entering its 20th school year — the church has been in existence since 1981 — the church and Christian school has changed its name, effective immediately, to Faith Triumphant. Everything else about the organization should stay the same, according to administrator Sharon Terry, who is Todd Terry’s mother.
“This (name change) is something we’ve been thinking about for a little while,” Sharon Terry said. “We just decided it was time. We got some confirmation and the people agreed with it.”
The recent closure of New Mexico Christian Academy means that Portales has only one private Christian school for the upcoming academic year.
“Our hearts went out to them” Todd Terry said. “We have nothing but best wishes for the parents and teachers and students of NMCA and we understand their plight and love for their school and we hated to see that their efforts have come to an end.”
Terry said he does not know if NMCA students may want to enroll at Faith Triumphant, but they are welcome.
“If there’s any way we could help them, we would love to do so,” he said.