Letters to the Editor 8/13

Dear Editor:
The editorial in Wednesday’s paper inferred the people of Texas do not want the blatant gerrymandering of the federal House districts to even up the House representation.
Just because political columnist Molly Ivins and the liberal media around Austin say so, it doesn’t mean the people of Texas say so.
For as long as I can remember, the Democrats who controlled redistricting tried to lump Republican votes (up to 75 percent or more) so that Republican candidates would not have a chance in other districts.
The state House members put personal interests aside and tried to devise districts that were much more competitive so that the people would be better represented. Some incumbents want to devise districts where their re-election is assured but no district should be approved where more than 55 percent of the voters are registered in one party.
These Texas state Senators toughing it out at the Marriott Pyramid in Albuquerque are fighting to retain the gerrymandering of the past and their future in the Democratic Party rather than for good representative government.
Dr. Martin B. Goodwin

Dear Editor:
With all due respect to Kirby Rowan and Tibor Machan, they are both wrong:
Communism failed because it tried to make the State God which it cannot be;
Libertarianism fails because it would make man God, which he can never be — only under our Judeo-Christian based Democratic Republicanism can we build a government worth living under.
God is enthroned as God.
Man has all the rights that God grants, which neither the state nor public opinion can erode.
All the disciplines which God demands of man are exacted.
And this is the last best hope of earth for freedom.
Sharon Faulkner