Father, son take first in goat-roping contest

Tony Parra

A local resident won two roping competitions at Joe’s Boot Shop in Clovis this weekend.
Kent Best and his 12-year-old son Ryan Best teamed up to win the Words’ Championship Goat-Roping Challenge this weekend in a portable arena at the shop’s parking lot.
“I’ve been roping since I was five years old,” Kent said. “I’ve been roping off and on for 39 years. My son will rope anything, calf, sheep or a goat.”
There were ten competitions and approximately 400 ropers, said Scott Stinnett, who teamed up with Kent to win the Goat-Roping Major Challenge.
The contest is in its 11th year, where nine have taken place in Muleshoe, Texas and two in Clovis.
In the Goat-Roping Major Challenge, Best and Stinnett finished first with a time of 4.18 seconds.
“It’s big time,” Stinnett said. “We have lots of people in the bleachers. We weren’t sure how big the crowds were going to be because there were two inches of rain the night before, but it all was great.”
Kenn Winn of Nephi, Utah and John Walker of Portales finished a close second place with a time of 4.19 seconds. Terry Leatherwood of Clovis finished in fourth with a time of 4.79 seconds.
G.W. Mead of Portales and Bill Herring of Clovis were the only other team with a Portales competitor to crack the top ten. They finished in tenth place with a time of 8.07 seconds.
Best won a belt buckle for the Goat-Roping Major Challenge while he and his son won $50-dollar gift certificates for Joe’s Boot Shop.