Greyhound Sound hits four-year peak in membership

By Tony Parra

The Eastern New Mexico University Greyhound Sound is peaking at a four-year high of members.
Dustin Seifert, ENMU band director, said the increase in members should yield some top-notch performances during game days this fall.
“The students have been performing well during practices,” Seifert said. “They are eager to perform and talented. The talent level keeps getting better. They (new band members) have improved us dramatically.”
There are 90 members on this year’s squad, up from 66 members last year, and most of them receive some type of scholarship, Seifert noted. The rise in team members has allowed Seifert to add new instruments to the band.
The marching brass section is new to the Greyhound squad. Members in the section play the trombones, sousaphones, saxophones and baritones.
The students adjust their schedule around the Greyhound Sound practices, which run from 12:10 p.m. to 1:50 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and are held at the marching band practice field next to the Zia soccer field.
Each student’s advisor is informed of the band schedule beforehand so students can schedule their classes around band practices. Some of the members have not had that many adjustments to the band size.
The ENMU students and the public will have their first chance to listen to the band perform on Saturday during the Greyhound’s home opener against New Mexico Highlands at Greyhound Stadium.
“It’s the same size of my high school band,” ENMU freshman drum player Myron Saiz said. “The band at Artesia is as big as this one.
“There is a big difference between both bands. They (ENMU band members) are so much more mature. We get a lot more stuff done.”
Saiz is one of 13 members of the percussion section.
The ENMU band will enter into the busiest time of the year after their performance on Saturday. The fall semester is more hectic than the spring semester, Seifert said. The Greyhound Sound performs at Greyhound football home games and at times, Greyhound basketball games.
“It’s busy,” Seifert said about the fall semester. “We (ENMU) try to ensure that students have fun. It’s different than high school. We are not trying to win any trophies. It (the band) is for the students to have fun.”
Saiz agreed.
“I love it, there’s always something to do,” Saiz said about being in a collegiate band. “You never waste time.”