Committee to lobby for fairground funds

Mike Linn

County officials and residents have formed a committee to lobby for federal funding to revamp the Roosevelt County Fairgrounds.
Roosevelt County Ag. Extension Agent Floyd McAlister presented a case for pursuing funds to the Roosevelt County Commissioners at Tuesday’s meeting, stating increased capacity would make the Fairgrounds more attractive to exhibitors at the annual New Mexico Agriculture Expo.
“We’ve got a good thing going with our Expo and we’ve got to work to improve the quality of our facilities where it’s an enjoyable event for everybody,” McAlister said. “It’s just like a home, if you don’t do a little painting along the way, and a little maintenence along the way the first thing you know is you don’t have a anything.”
McAlister said funds would go to expansion of the pavilion or an additional multi-purpose building.
Dennis Edwards, chairman of the Ag. Expo, said he fears officials 20 miles to the north will pursue relocating the event to Curry County in the future.
Edwards told the commission he had heard comments that officials in Curry County wanted to get the Ag. Expo moved there.
Officials at Clovis City Hall, the Curry County Manager’s office or the Ag. Extension office said they knew nothing about plans to move the annual expo.
Fairboard chairman Kent Best, Roosevelt County commissioner Dennis Lopez, Edwards and McAlister will serve on the committee.

Also at the meeting:

The commission gave County Administrator Charlene Hardin the authority to allocate funds for a re-roofing project.
Originally, Hardin suggested the commission approve a plan for re-roofing from NCA Architects in Albuquerque, which would cost over $66,000, 2/3’s of which would be paid by insurance.

The county discussed the possibility of raising the fees for renting out the Roosevelt County Fairgrounds for certain occasions.
People wanting to use the fairgrounds for weekend gatherings, wedding receptions, ect. can do so for free, and security deposit prices are low enough where many don’t worry about picking up afterwards, Hardin noted.
The commission discussed keeping the free rates for certain organizations, like 4-H and youth groups.
The commission voted to allow free use of the Fairgrounds a few years back to encourage people to spend time there.