Oasisi State Park ranger bids farwell

PNT Staff

There is a position open for an Oasis State Park ranger, after Brad Nance recently stepped down from the job to pursue another passion, being a paramedic with the Clovis Fire Department.
“I was doing it before and it was something I loved doing,” Nance said. “I wanted to go back to helping people. I went into being a park ranger because that’s what I went to college for.”
At this time, Jim Whary, Oasis State Park manager, has not set a timetable to fill the position for a new park ranger.
“We had one extra person working here, right now we are at status quo,” Whary said. “The position is open, but we’re not hiring anyone in the immediate future.”
Whary has been working at the Oasis State Park since 1994 and Nance had been working at the park for the last three years.
The Oasis State Park was stocked with rainbow trout on Oct. 16. The park will have a fishing clinic for children and hosts “star parties” for children to view the stars through binoculars and telescopes.
“I’m going to miss the star parties and the summer programs,” Nance said. “I enjoyed giving tours to the school-aged kids.”
Nance has not ruled out the idea of one day returning to the position of park ranger.
“Maybe when I retire,” Nance said. “I like the peace and quiet.”