Sassy dolls to learning tools, anything goes this Christmas

Helena Rodriguez

This Christmas kids want everything from the furry to McFlurries, from the sensational to educational.
From the fairytale-themed Barbie in Swan Lake dolls to the modern, hip Bratz dolls with their own Formal Funk Runway Disco, it’s almost anything goes this holiday season. As always, familiar characters are also in high demand, from the whimsical Hokey Pokey Elmo to the lovable Care Bears Bedtime Lullaby Bear.
Unlike the Cabbage Patch craze that reportedly had shoppers fighting it out in stores years before, John Reilly, a spokesman for Kay-Bee Toy & Hobby Stores, said the hot toys this Christmas seems to be more spread out.
“Carebears are in high demand and Go Go My Walking Pup, which is an electronic dog, but there is really no single hot toy this year,” said Reilly, who added that the chain store, which has a site inside North Plains Mall in Clovis, believes it is well-stocked this Christmas.
“We think we’re in a good inventory position right now. If we’re running out of toys, that’s a high-class problem to have, but we’re confident we can get the inventory we need,” Reilly said.
At Wal-Mart Super Center, manager Frank Bean said, “All the toys seem to be flying off the shelves. All of the new LeapPads and anything educational.”
“Of course the bicycles, write on toys and Power Wheels are always good sellers too,” he added.
Allie Benally, 9, of San Jon and her brother, Bobby Benally, 10, both said they want electric motor scooters for Christmas while shopping with their parents at Kay-Bees over the Thanksgiving weekend.
Garette Page, 6, of Bosque Farms, was also at Kay-Bees over the holiday shopping with his grandmother. He said he wants the Sonic the Hedgehog video game along with remote control wheels and monster trucks and the latest Hot Wheels accessories, which are No. 2 on Family Fun magazine’s top Christmas toys this year.
Over at Radio Shack inside North Plains Mall, manager, Al Noblett, said XMods and ZipZaps are in high demand, as are other remote control wheels and DVD players. ZipZaps are Radio Shack’s micro remote control cars which have become popular.
“The XMods are really pulling people in, as are the Hummer remote control cars,” Noblett said.
The XMods toys have a whole line of accessories so people can custom-build their own vehicles. There’s even a Cat in the Hat ZipZap.
“Cell phones are always hot too. They are our bread and butter, cell phones for kids and adults,” he added.
“There’s also a SpongeBob shower radio that is pretty popular but I would not say it is a SpongeBob Christmas,” he said of the popular cartoon character.
Over at Wal-Mart Supercenter, Ellissa Carrier, was eying a LeapPad reading system to get her daughter for Christmas. She said she thinks her daughter will appreciate an educational toy as long as it is fun and entertaining.
“If it’s something that she thinks is a toy, she will play with it, but I always want it to give her the help in reading she needs,” Carrier said.