ENMU republican named state director

Tony Parra

A month away from the presidential election year, the New Mexico Federation of College Republicans chose Eastern New Mexico University’s Bob Cornelius to be their Executive Director in preparation for the election season.
“He is very committed and involved with the political issues,” ENMU President Dr. Steven Gamble. “From the first moment that you meet him, you can tell he is sincere.”
Six College Republican organizations from the state of New Mexico selected Cornelius as the Executive Director this past weekend. The six organizations are from ENMU, the University of New Mexico, New Mexico State University, Western New Mexico University, College of the Southwest and Santa Fe College, according to a press release from the Associated Students of ENMU office.
“I am proud to be the College Republican Executive Director for the state of New Mexico,” Cornelius said in a press release. “I look forward to working hard for the Republican Party and the conservative students across this great state.”
The college republicans’ organizations consist of over 120,000 members. The New Mexico Federation of College Republicans’ State Convention is held annually for the selection process of the new officers, who will work on different platforms.
Cornelius is the ENMU student body president and the ENMU College Republican Chairman.
“Bob is well-deserved of this office,” ENMU College Republican Treasurer Robert Seyller said in a press release. “No other student in New Mexico has worked harder for the Republican Party, its beliefs and conservative students than Bob Cornelius.”
Cornelius stated in the press release that one of his main objectives is to make sure that President George W. Bush is re-elected in 2004. He said that they (college republicans) will work hard to make sure republicans statewide will receive campaign assistance.
“We’re (ENMU) proud of his success and achievement,” Gamble added. “The selection of Bob has given ENMU a higher level of recognition. He represents the students well. He believes in the greater good.”