A gift from the heart lasts forever.

Joan Clayton

My grandson and his wife handed me a beautifully wrapped package. I could feel a frame through the paper and thought it might be a photo. I unwrapped the package to find a letter from Jody’s heart. Jane had found the perfect frame. I began to read it out loud but stopped after the first sentence. My voice broke and tears fell. Then my tall handsome grandson read aloud to the family the following letter that has lifted my soul to the highest heights. I reprint it here with his permission.
• • •
Oh, how I have always loved this time of year! Mawmaw and Emmitt have always helped to make it so special to me. I often find myself thinking back to the days of my childhood at this time. The anticipation of Christmas at my grandparents’ brought such joy. Even as a child, I believe my heart was fonder of the family fellowship than the opening of gifts.
Is there a greater recipe for punch in all the land? If there is, I have yet to taste it. Is there a woman who expresses more love for her grandsons? It is not possible. How many grandmothers decide to be a renowned author and successfully write hundreds of books? Not many. I have the most incredible Mawmaw in all of the land. I greatly appreciate all that she has done and continues to do for me still today. From the constant prayers to the countless foods that she has prepared, I am forever thankful.
Is there a man who has as much in common with his grandsons? I think not. I learned the art of going to a convenience store “get something to burp on” from Emmitt. I am not sure if it is because he is a good teacher, or if I am an astute pupil, but I still go through this ritual over the holidays with great skill. I have learned much over the years from Emmitt. I am very thankful that he passed on a name to be proud of to my father, who in turn passed it on to me. How many grandfathers not only leave a legacy for their grandsons with a name that they can be proud of, but also one they can read to their children’s children? Again, I say not many.
It has always been echoed throughout the wonderful home of my beloved Mawmaw and Emmitt’s to “Let every day be Christmas.” I have always found joy in this wonderful concept. However, there is another aspect of this truth with which I have always struggled. Every day for me can be Christmas, but not every day gets to be Christmas at Mawmaw and Emmitt’s.
I am forever thankful that I was blessed with a Savior, Jesus Christ. Second to such a wonderful gift, I am forever thankful for such wonderful grandparents who have helped to guide me from youth, and show me the real meaning of the season! I love my grandparents, and I love Christmas at Mawmaw and Emmitt’s.