Updated True Value almost twice as large

Tony Parra

The building used to be Shop n Save, and then it was Furr’s grocery store.
Now Max Merrick, owner of True Value Trader Horn, has filled the building off of University Drive and Avenue D with everything from tile to lumber to tool sets fit for weekend mechanics.
Merrick relocated True Value on Tuesday and said there’s already a lot of customers.
“We’ve had a lot of traffic-flow since we opened,” Merrick said. “We have new merchandise and a lot more merchandise. We’ve had a lot of female shoppers come into the store. We have more of a selection, better parking and lighting.”
There are still some items laying on the floor and out of place, but Merrick hopes that will be taken care of by the end of January.
“I was optimistic about our opening,” Merrick said. “I thought we would have that all taken care of by Tuesday. I think it’s going to take a couple more weeks to have everything in place. The people who come in have been understanding when they’ve had to step over boxes. Our employees have been working long days during the move.”
True Value has been in business for 44 years and is equipped with 18 people who are full- and part-time employees. Merrick said the new store will have a 40 percent increase in space.
Felipe Sanchez said he’s been shopping at True Value since he moved to Portales from Van Horn, Texas, 30 years ago.
“We like the lighting and it has more of a selection,” Sanchez said. “It has more of everything. We don’t come here for just one need. Today we’re buying something for the curtains.”
Merrick said the previous building that True Value was operating in is being remodeled.
“They’ve talked about opening a Dollar General store in that building,” Merrick said. “(Dollar General has) opened 600 stores in one year and it’s one of the fastest growing chains.”