Take the bridge to heaven

Joan Clayton

I have always wanted a garden bridge, but not a pond with fish in it. The fish could eat the mosquitoes, but my cats could eat the fish. So I just wanted a cute little bridge in the backyard. To look from my window and envision surrounding it with honeysuckle or roses became my delight.
Something beckons me to walk across a bridge. It’s as if I am walking over trials and difficulties. On the other side of the bridge, I find a different perspective … a new possibility.
To my joy, my husband asked a dear friend to make one for me. I’m sure that friend must have wondered, “A bridge over dry ground?” Even though my bridge is strictly ornamental, each time I view it standing strong and sturdy, I am reminded of God’s many promises. I like to think the Israelites walked over a “bridge” of dry ground, with a “wall of water on their right and on their left.” (Exodus 14:22 NIV)
I am not the only excited one about that journey. I read an anonymous story in “The Christian Ranchman” and am reprinting it here with permission.
• • •
A boy sat on a park bench with one hand resting on an open Bible. He was loudly exclaiming his praise to God.
“Hallelujah! Hallelujah! God is great!” He yelled without worrying whether anyone heard him or not.
Shortly after, along came a man who had recently completed some intellectual studies. He asked the boy the source of his joy.
“Hey,” asked the boy in return with a laugh. “Don’t you have an idea what God is able to do? I just read that God opened up the waves of the Red Sea and led the whole nation of Israel right through the middle.”
The man sat down next to the boy and began to give his version of the miracles in the Bible. “Modern science has shown that the Red Sea in that area was only 10 inches deep at that time. It was no problem for the Israelites to wade across.”
The boy looked surprised. His eyes wandered from the man back to the Bible on his lap. The man, pleased for giving the boy his scientific insight, turned to go.
Scarcely had he taken two steps when the boy began to rejoice and praise louder than before; “Hallelujah! Hallelujah! God is so great! The man turned to ask the reason for this outburst.
“Wow! exclaimed the boy happily, “God is greater than I thought. Not only did he lead the whole nation of Israel through the Red Sea, he topped it off by drowning the whole Egyptian army in only 10 inches of water.”
• • •
Jeremiah 17:7 reveals a blessed life for me: “But blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD, whose confidence is in him. He will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream.” (NIV)
We anchored our bridge close to a tall flourishing pine tree so I could be reminded “my leaves will never fade nor wither” (Psalm 1).
Jesus is the bridge to the heavenly kingdom. I love my “bridge!”
Portales resident Joan Clayton is a retired teacher and published author. Her e-mail address is: