A chance to become health aware at fair

Michelle Seeber

A father, Casey Najera of Clovis, held his baby in his arms as he listened to information about parenting.
He was at the Health Fair held by the Clovis News Journal on Saturday at 21st and Prince Street, where more than 50 groups represented health awareness.
“I’ve learned a lot of stuff today about kiddos,” Najera said. “We’ve learned they’re getting new doctors in town and about Parents Anonymous holding a meeting. It’s supposed to be a great support group for parents.”
The Health Fair, held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., drew many people, from the very young to the elderly, who were curious about anything from high blood pressure to counseling for self-mutilation.
Kathy Woodard, a licensed clinical social worker, shared information near a booth that displayed photographs of wounds inflicted by self-mutilation.
“We’ve had quite a few people ask questions about that,” Woodard said. “We’ve had several people take our card, or several people asking for help. People will hurt themselves because they’re in a lot of pain and feel that’s the only way they can deal with it.”
Earlier, at the beginning of the health fair, women were checked by a machine for bone density to determine whether they suffered from osteoporosis or were at risk for the disease that causes brittle bones.
They were given information on calcium, where to find it and what types of foods provided good calcium.
Meanwhile, long lines formed at a booth on heart disease.
Booths addressing several other types of health concerns also drew lines — from people seeking information on dental hygiene to others who wanted to learn more about cancer.
The New Mexico Lions Eye Foundation mobile screening unit gave eye examinations and people donated blood at the United Blood Services’ “Bloodmobile.”
This was the first year the News Journal held the event.

The following groups and businesses were represented at Saturday’s health fair:
La Casa
Wellness Council
Clovis Community College
Women’s Medical Center
Mickey’s Uniform
Clovis Brace Shop
Clovis Fire Department
Makin’ It Natural
CDS of Clovis
Livingston Hearing
Retirement Ranch
Beehive Homes
High Plains Sleep Disorder
Assurance Counseling
Trinity Family Health
Apria Healthcare
Community Homecare
Lions Club
Mecca Rehab
United Blood Services
Laurel Plains
Clovis Bottlers
Herbal Life
Safe Ride
Clovis News Journal
Drug Demand Reduction/CAFB
Workforce Training Center
Southwest Autism Network
Maternal/Child Health Council
Educare Dental Services
Family Chiropractic
Concerned Citizens about Tobacco
Curry County DWI Task Force
Hartley House
DA Victim Impact Program
Life Saver Food Bank
Local Emergency Planning Comm.
Alcohol Treatment Initiative
Clovis Health Office
Code Blue