Students share their spring break stories

Abby Dunn

Eastern New Mexico University students filed back on campus this weekend after a week off for spring break.
Here are a couple of their adventures:
Kenna Stevens,
senior, Albuquerque
“I went on a road trip with some of my girls to Los Angeles. We went to Disneyland, and we were standing in the longest line ever known to man, waiting to ride Splash Mountain.
It was after Splash Mountain, while getting off of the ride, we realized we had just ridden with Ray Romano (Everybody Loves Raymond). We were speechless for the next twenty minutes.”
Jaclyn Hall,
freshman, Socorro
“Mostly I spent time with my parents and boyfriend back home. One night during the break, we ate pork chops and someone carelessly gave one to my dog. Well, that night she seemed to be acting kind of weird. She was still acting weird the next morning, so I opened her mouth and saw that she had a pork chop bone wedged in between her teeth and couldn’t get it out! She was like that for about 12 whole hours before anyone even noticed.”

Felicia LaFuente, junior, Friona, Texas
“Well, while I was at home in Friona … a … man broke into the (home) across the street (from my family’s house), and held them hostage. It was the preacher and his family…and the standoff lasted for at least 20 hours. But the family is OK now, and the gunman was killed by police.”

Mark Guastaferro,
freshman, Clovis
“I actually stayed in the dorms for break because I have a job in Portales, and I had to work. Portales was pretty much a ghost town.”

Celina Westervelt,
freshman, Albuquerque
“I didn’t do much … stayed at home with parents and spent time with my boyfriend. I went to see “The Passion of the Christ” for a second time.”

Chris Fullam, junior, Albuquerque
“I went to the Amazon, and had a jungle adventure!! Just kidding — I had to work most of the week back in Albuquerque, so I made some money. Nothing exciting.”