Commissioners finalize repair decisions for detention center

Tony Parra

The Roosevelt County Commissioners decided on Tuesday to go with Kold King to repair the roof at the Roosevelt County Detention Center for a cost of $48,500.
Mike Tucker of Kold King will repair the roof and he said he will use fully, self-contained chopped fiber-glass, which is a clay-based material, over the top of the roof.
“It’s a good, proven technology,” Tucker said. “It is fireproof and will not burn in many situations. It’s very flexible. The key to it is that it moves with heat and contraction. The repair will reduce insurance rates by about 30 percent.”
The cost of the repair will be $48,500 and Tucker said there is a 12-year warranty on the job. Roosevelt County Administrator Charlene Hardin said 2/3 of the project will be paid by the county’s insurance company. NCA Architects of Albuquerque originally made an offer to repair the roof for $66,000.
Kent Best, president of the Roosevelt County Fairgrounds board, said the Roosevelt County Fair will have to be moved back from the original, proposed date. The original dates were from Aug. 10-14 and Best said the dates will have to be moved back to Aug. 23 or 24 through 28.
“We had to move it back because the carnival pulled out,” Best said. “We’ve got a good carnival. The Murphy Brothers are going to be performing.(Portales is) on their way to the state fair.”
RCC officials spoke with Best and County Road Department Manager Jackie Grimes about the cost of chip-sealing. Grimes estimated the cost being between $20,000 to $30,000 to chip seal the entire fairgrounds and the priority areas if they can’t chip seal everything.
“My suggestion is the middle fairgrounds,” Grimes said. “We can start it by July, once we finish the projects we are on. We can have it done before the fair.”
Commissioner Chad Davis requested Best come to a future meeting with measurements and information on water lines. The Roosevelt County Commissioners were able to receive $70,000 for fairground improvements through lobbying efforts at the 2004 state legislation.
The commissioners also set tentative dates in late April to visit a temporary facility in the New Orleans area. Marine Leasing is the company which offers the facilities and is based out of New Orleans. Marine Leasing officials said they will pay for the hotel rooms during their stay in New Orleans, according to Hardin.