Congressman could raise up to $10,000 for Matt.25

Darrell Maurina

A student group at Clovis High School is bringing a U.S. Congressman to Clovis to help raise money for the Matt. 25 ministry center.
The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, led by organizational president Jordan Strebeck, is selling $25 tickets to an April 23 dinner at which Rep. Steve Pearce, a Republican from Hobbs, will be the keynote speaker. The event will begin at 7 p.m. at the Hartley Barn.
Pearce’s district doesn’t include Clovis, but Strebeck said he has advocated supporting faith-based charities for many years and sees the Matt. 25 ministry center as an example of how governmental and private groups can cooperate to help a community.
“This has the potential to earn $10,000 in one night, and that’s pretty good for a group of students,” Strebeck said. “Steve’s been tremendously involved with Matt. 25. This benefits him nothing, we can’t vote for him, he just wants to help.
“He always said he would do anything that we needed to help, and we’re glad he could help us with this,” Strebeck said. “He was booked through July and graciously cleared space (in his schedule) for us.”
Strebeck said Pearce’s speech will focus on spiritual concerns and the dinner will not be a political event.
FCA junior class representative Christen Kos said the group’s idea of supporting the Matt. 25 project began when an anonymous donor gave 50 of the group’s members $100 and told them to invest it in a project that would benefit Christian work. Many FCA members agreed with a suggestion originally proposed by group member Shondra Speck to develop a fundraising project that would benefit the Matt. 25 center.
“It’s something the whole community will benefit from,” Kos said. “Not many people believe in teenagers and he believed in us. We hope if will be a success and we can raise enough money to help.”
Strebeck said raising money to help the Matt. 25 project get off the ground will also help the Lighthouse Mission, an existing Christian organization that provides shelter, housing, and meals.
“This will help the Lighthouse so much because it will improve their ability to help people who need it,” Strebeck said. “The lighthouse, as it is, is overburdened. If you need things, you will have to go all the way from one part of the city to another.
“This is going to be huge for Clovis. It’s going to be a source of hope for our community and surrounding communities.”
Tickets for the event may be purchased at Master’s Books and Gifts or from FCA members, Strebeck said. None of the money will be used to support FCA and all will be donated directly to the Matt. 25 organization.