Oil man campaigns on water issues

By David Arkin: PNT Correspondent

Water is one of those issues that always seems to be a talker around election season. It’s also the No. 1 reason why William V. Palmer wants to be a New Mexico Senator.
Palmer, a Lovington oil and gas company owner, operator and investor, thinks he can do something about the state’s water needs.
First though he will have to defeat District 42 Sen. Gay Kernan, R-Hobbs, in the party’s primary election slated for June 1.
Palmer believes that the state could face a serious water crisis if something isn’t done during the next few years. And the Republican says he has a plan.
“I’ve actually considered running for a while,” he said. “The reason that I want to run is because we need someone from southeast New Mexico in Santa Fe pushing to find new water sources.”
If something isn’t done about the state’s water consumption in the future, New Mexico’s well will run dry, Palmer said.
Without water there will be no people, he said.
Through the Water Reclamation Commission, Palmer and others have been examining how to take back water from oil and gas drilling.
Palmer said it’s possible to clean up the water and then use it for agriculture and drinking.
“We need someone in Santa Fe who knows about this and who can speak up about it,” he said.
Palmer said every time he has spoken to someone in Santa Fe about cleaning up water, they have shown interest in the idea.
“This is brand new cutting-edge technology and I’m excited about it,” he said.
There are however other issues Palmer would like to address, one item being the controversy surrounding gay marriage.
“I’m 100 percent against gay marriages,” he said. “I am a conservative Christian and I believe in what the Bible says about marriage.”
Palmer said gay marriage has become one of the year’s hotter issues because many believe the timing is right to broach the subject.
“I believe in tolerance, but I believe in raising my children the right way,” he said.
For there to be money available for Palmer’s water plan or to address the gay marriage issue, he needs to first get a seat in the Roundhouse, something he says he has had interest in for years.
“I have been involved from the activist point of view and have tried to be a good citizen and express viewpoints of the common man,” he said.
Palmer has served on numerous boards over the years, including the chamber of commerce and the Rotary Club.
“I have had a strong desire to serve ever since I was a child,” he said.
And if Palmer picks up enough votes to get the chance to serve, it’s likely that even those up in Santa Fe will hear him speak highly of the current economic boom occurring in southeastern New Mexico.
“I see us having a chance for even better things than we have now,” he said. “Southeastern New Mexico is the land of opportunity. Look at what’s happening with the cheese plant in Curry County.”
Palmer said his vision makes him a viable candidate.
“You have to be looking down the road,” he said. “I know that I can be a positive influence on every citizen. If I’m elected I will give my all.”