April 21 South County News

The rain was heavier down in South County and things are even greener with more blossoms than last week.

Some rattlesnakes were killed in the area southwest of the old Garrison Store.

South County Sports Kids
Matthew Turnbough, formerly of this area but now lives in Rio Rancho, called his grandparents last week about his first night of baseball as a 10-year-old. He was up to bat, and he swung and hit the ball. Everyone was yelling to run. He made it to first, and it was so easy he attempted to take second. He made that too, sohe pushed his luck and went to third, then on for home base. This time it was a little more exciting. Someone was in his way so he suddenly tried a flip with his feet coming over his head and right onto home. Yes, he made it home too. He was so excited he could hardly share it with Ross and Barbara down here. Keep it up Matthew.

Hopefully fire-free
With everything as green and the moisture we have now this should be a rather quiet season for our local fire departments at Causey, Milnesand and Dora. Even the CRP land is in good shape. However, let’s not get careless in our sense of security. We never know and will never understand the nature of fire, even after it happens.
So remember even a candle or a struck match is to be respected for its use. I well remember years ago when one match destroyed our home in about 1952. Just the curiosity of a little three-year-old copying the fun of striking matches like she had observed her older brother and cousin doing.
Charlie Sez: Be careful and be safe everyday, regardless of what you do.