April 25 Elida School News

Members and supporters of Elida High School’s FFA, FCCLA and BPA were honored at a Vocational Banquet held on Friday. This was a time to recognize our members and to thank our supporters.

Student Council
The Elida High School Student Council hosted a coke and popcorn party for Mrs. Holmes’ 4th graders on Friday, April 23. The elementary students won the most colorful poster contest during Elida’s homecoming back in February. Congratulations to all Elida fourth-graders!
Field Trip
The Elida High School grades 9-12 will go on a field trip on Monday. They will travel to Tolar to attend look up close at the Wind Generators. Afterwards, tthere will be a picnic.

Summer School Reunion
If you are attending the school reunion June 19th, please respond to Kathleen Kiehne at school, 274-6211 or Ruth Moore at her home phone. The Chuck Wagon Gang needs a head count by May 1. This reunion is for anyone who has ever graduated from Elida Schools. There will be tours of the campus improvements during the reunion.

Dates to remember
Thursday: Elementary Spring Program
May 6: Run for Ribbons
May 7-8: State Track Meet
May 9: Baccalaureate (Elida Baptist Church @ 7 p.m.)
May 11: Junior Class Play (School cafeteria @ 7 p.m.)
May 12: 4th through 6th field trip
May 12: AR Reward Trip
May 13: Sports Banquet (school cafeteria @ 7 p.m.
May 15: Graduation (school gymnasium @ 7 p.m.
May 17: Elementary Awards @ 7 p.m.
May 17-19: High School semester tests
May 19: School out at 1 p.m.
May 22-23: FFA Rodeo