May 2 Portales Junior High News

By Billie Dixon

Student Progress Reports
This week teachers issued students their grades so far this last quarter. There are only four short weeks to keep the grades up or work to bring them up before school ends.
Principal Steve Harris encourages students and parents to pay close attention to grades and work with the teachers in keeping all assignments completed and turned in. With nine-weeks tests May 20 and 21 followed by the semester tests the following week, there will be only two weeks to complete missing assignments. The promotion for eighth-grade students who have successfully completed course requirements will be May 27 at 5:30 p.m. at Greyhound Arena. The state no longer allows parents to sign a waiver and send students to high school.

High School Registration Begins
Thursday found eighth-grade students listening to presentations from the various “pathway” courses offered at high school. Principal Melvin Nusser reminded students that they are not locked into a particular pathway, but stated that the sooner students know what direction they want their careers to take, the more relevant their classes will become. School counselors explained the registration process, and sent packets of information home with the students for them and their parents to study and consider before selecting their high school classes.

Track Season Ends
Saturday found PJHS track teams in competition with district teams at the Clovis track meet. The seventh-grade boys earned fifth place while the eighth-grade boys brought home the third-place honors. The results for the girls were the same places but with switched classes. The seventh-grade girls hold third-place honors while the eighth-grade girls have fifth place.

Music Resounds at PJHS
Franklin Smith is happy to announce that the junior high choir earned an “excellent” rating at the Hobbs choir festival last week. Equally proud is band director Brandon Boerio reports that the band students earned No. 1, the top rating, in sight reading in their competition.

New Library Books
Student library aides are busy checking order lists against the new books and putting them on the shelves. In addition to the regular library budget, books have been purchased with the state general obligation bond money approved by voters in 2002. The librarian was able to buy $16,000 worth of books and library materials for the students this year.