May 12 South County News

By Charlie Carmichael

There have been showers all over the area, from Portales to Lea County and on south. To the north of Portales has probably been heavier with rainfall from the looks of all the TV reports. No matter where it comes down every drop is needed and appreciated on crops and pastures alike.
The livestock are sure enjoying the fresh green grass and weeds as they began to grow.

The corn that was planted some time ago should be forming green threads of leaves by now. Some cotton was planted the first of last week and with those days of hot weather part of last week and this past weekend those seedlings should be pushing up through the ground any day also.
I don’t know if the farmers have any peanuts in the ground yet or not. But, I think peanuts, cotton and corn are about the most important to get planted earlier than milo and hay crops.

It won’t be but 2-to-4 weeks until the wheat in some fields will be getting ready for harvest. Some has already been cut for dairy cow insilage.

Danielle Houston of the Lingo community and Dora High School completed her training for and received her black stripe on the red belt ranking in Tae Kwan Do this past weekend. That is something to be proud of for Danielle. These lessons are taught in Portales.

School News
This part of the Dora School news needs to be a reminder to all students. So remember all Library books must be turned in no later than this Friday and all fines paid by then also.
Athletes: turn in you work schedule form for the Rodeo to Mrs. Skinner. All tracksters turn in your uniforms ASAP to Mrs. Bilberry.
Dora drama class will meet in Mrs. Carter’s room and chorus go to Mrs. Cones room. Both will study for tests.
All tests next week. Be prepared and the test schedule will be in Sunday’s school news. Best wishes and good luck to everyone!

I just received word the commodities will be Portales today at regular places. They are supposed to be in Causey, Arch and Dora on next Wednesday and will be carried on to Milnesand to the Country Junction store on Thursday. Gail said do not come to Dora until around 3-5 p.m. We never know what time to expect them.