May 12 Elida News

By Nita Thurman

Birthdays May 15-21
Ronald Berry, Becky West, Kelby Widner, Twanya Craig, Roberta Burkstaller, Joe West, Russell Craig, Peggy Patterson, Cinco Boone, Cathy Daughtery and Eileen Husted.
Anniversaries: Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Graves, Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hymes, Mr. and Mrs. Joel Nuckoles, Mr. and Mrs. Troy Fine, Mr. and Mrs. Rod McLain, Mr. and Mrs. Junior Jasso and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Claud Moore who will be celebrating their anniversary in June. We’ll have more news on that at a later date.

Don’t Forget
The Elida school reunion is June 19th. Everyone is invited to attend, even those who did not attend school or graduate here. They would like for all that will be here to please let Gene Evans or Ruth Moore know so you can be in the lunch count.

The Elida High School will be holding their graduation celebration at the gym Saturday at 7 p.m. All are invited to come and share this happy time with them.

Around Town
Some to keep on you prayer list are: Kasey Ford, Brett Hamilton, Elmer Jones, Doris Wall, Bennie Thurman, Montie and Fern Cochrain, David and Delma Graves, B. J. Radcliff who we hear may get to come home this week, Dollie Self’s sister, Irene, Joe Smith and those in area nursing homes and our overseas personnel.
This will be a busy week with all the end of school activities.