May 23 Portales Junior High News

Spring Fling Thing
Friday students in Laura DeBusk’s science classes applied their knowledge of the year’s lessons on simple and complex machines, trajectory, inertia, velocity, kinetic energy, gravity, and the atmosphere.  Students constructed catapults and demonstrated their effectiveness with water balloons on the football field.
Students compared results with the designs, and DeBusk led discussions about the features that produce better results.

Spring Fever
This time of year with warm weather, spring fever leads the list of infectious diseases. Teachers request students’ and parents’ help in keeping students mentally engaged in learning activities while school is in session.

Semester Tests
Monday and Tuesday students have the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned this year in their respective classes. Teachers have been leading students in reviewing information, and many students are completing their final projects.

Student Recognition
Wednesday at 1 p.m., principal Steve Harris invites parents and the public to the combination honors and sports assembly in the old gym. The hard work students do is always appreciated, and this assembly lets the students and their families know just how much their hard work pays off.

Summer Office Hours
All Portales Municipal Schools will be closed May 31 in observation of Memorial Day. Tuesday begins the school’s office schedule from 7:30 a.m. until 3 p.m. through Thursday. Friday hours are 7:30 a.m. until noon. Parents may pick up student reports’ cards beginning June 7.

High Authors’ Reception
Wednesday at 3 p.m. students and their parents are invited to the junior high library for a reception in honor of their writings. Following the readings of their work, students share an autograph session and refreshments.