May 30 Dora School News

By Charlie Carmichael

Highlighting Seniors
The Dora School and communities surrounding the area gathered Sunday, May 23 for the graduation of our 12 seniors. Mostly, they were a close group of youngsters who had been together most of the time since pre-school days.
Levi Beggs, was born and raised on a ranch near Milnesand.
Jack Carpenter came to the class in mid-elementary and then to a Portales Christian school a year before returning to Dora.
Allison Field has lived in Dora all her life, so she is a familiar face about the village and school.
Israel Lopez has lived around in the area on farms about all his life too, he has been living in the Rogers area now for several years.
Cody Machen was a newcomer to the class of 2004 this year, he has been a very friendly young man and we have enjoyed having him in our school.
Misty Mapp has been in the class since day one and is following in the footsteps of her three brothers who have graduated from Dora.
Henry Nortije came to Dora in junior high from a northeastern state, but originally from Africa. He found his place in Dora very quickly and said he really loved the difference in food and Africa.
Jason Parker came to Dora several years ago and he is an avid dirt bike lover.
Ryane Pastor is a young lady who has been coming out from Portales faithfully all these years and plans to further her education in law at ENMU.
Petra Ponce is a familiar, lovable and all time student from pre-school days.
Mary Ellen Rose is a very artistic talented young graduate and already does very well with her sketching.
Jaci Sant has been doing rodeos just about all her life and she also does real well in sports.
This has been an exceptional class and we wish each of them much happiness and a lot of success in life.
The Salutatorian was Ryane Pastor and the Valedictorian was Misty Mapp. Mary Ellen Caviness was their speaker for the day and she did a fantastic job even recalling them when she was their 6th grade teacher, and a good friend ever since. She spoke of each with sincerity and a positive outlook for their future.
There were numerous scholarships awarded to members of the 2004 class. We are proud of each of you.
Their Class Motto: “What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us” Ralph Waldo Emerson.