May 30 Elida School News

A reception honoring the kindergarten students was held May 17. Following the reception a graduation ceremony took place honoring the six students. The graduates were Sarah Massey, Trenton Bates, Hailey Nickels, Kynzi Creighton, Heaven Ruiz and Newman Seely.
The first-grade students received many honors at the awards assembly. Some of the awards received were: participating in the Math-a-thon, Star Shine, Run for Ribbons, most A.R. points and perfect attendance. The students receiving awards were Kenzee Criswell, Jonathan Diaz, Lindsey Bartlett, Karisma Jasso, Brady Jasso, and Alex Navarrete.
The second and third grade students received many awards at the awards program. Some of the awards were for: collecting money for St. Jude’s Math a Thon, Starshine 2004 talent show, Run for ribbons field and track events, attending the Farm Safety Day Camp sponsored by EMS-Region III, and A and B honor roll. Alana Cross-Smith and Haley Powell each won a $25 Wal-Mart gift card for earning the most AR points in reading. Cruz Belden and Shealton Veo won prizes for excellence in penmanship.
Reavis Best won the $25 AR Wal-Mart gift certificate in the 5th grade. Micah Massey won the gift certificate for the most AR points in the 4th grade. Other awards were A and AB honor roll, mileage club, starshine 2004, Math a Thon, Little Olympics, Run for Ribbons, Book-It, and individual awards in Reading, Spelling, Social Studies, Language arts, Math, Science, Art and Drama. Randy Jasso and Justine Roberts won an award for perfect attendance.
 The sixth-grade students who received awards this year were: Shanna Anthony, Elizabeth Hudson, Britnie Jasso, Arnold Navarrete, Alexis Orcutt and Ammie Schexnider. They received individual awards such as math, language arts, and AR. Other awards were given for: Math-a-thon, Starshine, Kiwanis track meet, Pizza Hut Book-It program, Run for Ribbons, and Honor Roll.
There were also five former Elida High School students who recently graduated from ENMU on May 15th. They include Sarah Boone, Shelley Gilmore, Sandy (Puebla) Belden, Delynn (Creighton) Bargas, and Janelle Creighton.