May 30 Portales Junior High News

By Billie Dixon

Summer School Offered
Portales Junior High School students may be recommended for summer school based on their CAT composite scores in language arts and math. If students do not successfully complete summer school, they will take a remedial class as an elective next year.
Also, if students failed the seventh or eighth grade, they may take summer school to continue with their graduating class. This service is free with the recommendation from their principal, counselor, or parent.
Classes will be held from 8:00-11:50 a.m. June 7 through July 2. The time block will be spent on enrichment for students, focusing on language arts and mathematics.
All regular school rules, including dress code, apply to summer school. Students who miss two days of summer school will be dismissed from the program, and they will have to repeat the grade in school.
Questions may be addressed to PJHS Counselor Alan Dodd, 356-8378, Deputy Superintendent Murphy Quick, 356-6641, or Summer School Principal Melvin Nusser, 356-5831.

Best wishes
Principal Steve Harris and the staff at PJHS wish each student a wonderful summer. The Portales Public Library offers great reading material for students, and the language arts teachers encourage students to take advantage of those services to entertain themselves and keep on learning.