June 2 Dora News

By Charlie Carmichael

The area is still high and dry and still needing rain. The irrigation crops are looking good but as far as I know there have been some dry land crops planted. It is shocking how the wheat has dried in the past week. It looks dead ripe and ready for harvesting. It emains to be seen how well it turns out.

Memorial Activities
There was a lot of comings and goings over the past weekend
Ivy Hays had a granddaughter from Texas visit her for a while Friday. She is the daughter of Rick Wall, so she went on to his home with him when he came by from working in the field. Rick’s wife Belinda was visiting a friend in Fort Worth and came home Sunday so she could be back to work this week in Portales. Rick is Ivy’s grandson and he stops each morning to check on her and have a cup of coffee with her. Ivy is still having trouble with arthritis. Maybe it will get better now since winter is over.
Baptist Church
Rodney Thetford directed singing and worship in the morning worship and Kerry Victor did announcements. This was changed about since Rick Wilcher could not be there. Jereme Woodruff had charge of teaching the “Purpose Driven Life” bible study in the evening services.
The morning message was given by Dust Leatherwood, one of the cowboy ministers in the eastern New Mexico area. They do a lot of Christian services all around. Their testimonies are a ministry within themselves. They have a lot of miraculous encounters that bring glory to God.

Charlie Sez:
Our memorial day should be every day! Remembering our president and all in our offices of decisions, remembering our troops here and abroad in giving so much of their lives for freedom for all, for our schools and staff who help to mold our children’s lives, but most of all praising our Lord for His “all” which is given so freely.