June 2 South County News

By Charlie Carmichael

South County News
The area is really showing signs of drought, so now it faces more danger of fires. Each person needs to be aware that even burning trash in your own barrel or whatever, it can get out of hand with one puff of wind or whirlwind. A pressurized, even empty, can explode under heat and blow burning trash out for several feet, I know by experience. There were no weeds around to catch on fire and no wind to blow the embers, so it burned itself out as I stood watch.

Farmers report the irrigated crops are most all up and growing. Some peanuts are just ready to emerge from mother earth. Corn is getting up around two feet tall and cotton is waving green leaves in the breezes. Some have been running sand fighters over the land to protect the tender plants from burning on these windy days. Weldon Carmichael says things are really looking good and we all pray it keeps looking that way.

The paper had Dora School news on my last week school news and rightly so, however; they also had the header — Dora School News on another school’s news that stated there would be summer school. That should have been labeled with one of the Portales Schools.
I received some calls on it and there is no connection — just a mistake on the header (headline).

There have been no runs that I know of from any of the Causey, Milnesand or Dora departments and this is good news to us all.
Charlie Sez: It’s mosquito time so take care. Be aware if the critters are out and keep your kids in or use repellent.