June 9 Floyd News

By Jennifer Essary

Birthdays this week: Winifred West, Dink Miller, Felecia Harvey.
Anniversaries: Lewis and Bertha Gregory (61 years);.

Upcoming Events
• City Council will meet Monday at 7pm in the Community Building.
• School Board will meet Monday at 7pm at the school.

Swimming Lessons
The Floyd session for swimming lessons at the Portales City Pool will be July 26th thru August 6th. The cost is $25 per person. I’ll have more information as it becomes available.

On the Funny Side
Don’t leave a tiny baby rabbit in a shoe box covered with a toaster on top of the kitchen counter or anywhere else in the house. Even though it appears too weak to move, it can and will break out in the middle of the night and leave you cleaning under every bed, moving all furniture and gutting every closet to find it. Any advice on how to catch a bunny?

Jennifer Essary can be reached at 478-2846 or by e-mail: ess227@yucca.net