June 16 Elida News

By Nita Thurman

Birthdays June 19th-25th
Sunni Dixon, Emmy Eoff, Belle Hale, Joeal Nuckoles, Travis Holmes, Christopher Galvan, C. L. Roach, Andrea Good, Calvin Robson and Dollie Self.

Coming Up
Just a reminder this coming weekend will be the school reunion and Ruth and Joe Claude Moore’s wedding anniversary party.

The police chief has informed me that there will be DWI check points in and around Elida now through the end of the month. If you drink, don’t drive.

Ladies Night Out
The ladies night will be Thursday at the Baptist Church. Bring a covered dish and join in. The youth will put on a program for all.

Pot Luck
Sunday, there will be a pot luck lunch at the Baptist Church. Bring a covered dish and join them.

July 3rd Celebration
The town will be holding their usual July celebration at the town square on the Saturday before July 4th. Bring a covered dish of a vegetable or desert and join everyone there.

Brother Herb and Connie will be going to Bangkok, Thailand later in July and are asking you to donate popcorn, canned green chili and children’s books for them to take over there to give to the churches there. You can either bring this to the church or to Connie or Bro. Herb’s house.

Mary Ann Jenkins and some of her family have gone to Las Vegas, Nev. for a vacation.

Trudi Davis recently had her father, Sonny, moved to the Kenna cemetery from Texas. They held a grave side service last Saturday with several in attendance.
Those to keep on your prayer list are: Kent Winders, David and Delma Graves, Harding Burris, Montie Cochrain, Bennie Thurman, those in area nursing homes, our overseas personnel and the leaders of our nation, state and towns.