June 23 Elida News

By Nita Thurman

Birthdays, June 26-July 2
Jorgie Chavez, Delma Graves, Blake Cotton, John Hatcher, Manuel Jasso, David Graves, Carrie Hamilton, Chad Hatcher, Sean Belden, Harding Burris, Tom Dannelley, Scott Welch, Junior Jasso, Cherry Eckland and Matt Jenkins.
Anniversaries: Mr. and Mrs. Fred Anthony and Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Bilberry.

June 28-July 17, Halee Best and Shalie Anthony will be going on a mission trip to Athens, Greece.
July 9-17, Kendra and Tammy Dixon will be traveling to Paris, France on a mission trip.
July 14-30, Connie Dixon and Bro. Herb Gage will be going to Bangkok, Thailand to help with churches there. They need to take canned chilies, spices of any kind to give to the church there. These may be left at the church, Bro. Herb’s or with Connie.

Vacation Bible School
The Methodist Church has recently finished presenting their bible school. The Baptist Church will hold their bible school at the church starting July 4 at 9 a.m. All children are invited to come and share this time together. The older youth will be welcome to help. They request juice cans for their crafts.

July 4 Celebration
The town of Elida will hold its July 4 celebration on the July 3 on the town square. All are invited to bring a covered dish of vegetables or a dessert and join us. The Elida Fire and Rescue teams will provide the BBQ and drinks. Come and visit your friends and celebrate the day by watching the youngsters do their games.

Prayer List
some to remember are: David and Delma Graves, Montie Cochrain, Kent Winders, Misty Rains, Bennie Thurman, Harding and Nadeene Burris, Fred Anthony, those in area nursing homes, our overseas personnel and the leaders of our governments.