June 23 South County News

By Charlie Carmichael

There was also rain in the Milnesand, Pep, Bluit areas last week. They are the areas having been missed for so long. Some ranchers had to haul water for cattle a year or so ago. However, I understand there have been more wells drilled for their needs.

The Milnesand reunion will be July 4 this time. The registration will be at 9 a.m. and the program starts at 10 a.m. There will be more about the program next week. So be planning a favorite dish and come join in the fun and visitation.

Milnesand Church
The Baptist Church is still doing well and Wilma Parkinson accompanied Rowena Preuit down for last Sunday worship. Brad Morgan is pastor there.

The area has been saddened lately by the death of tow long time residents: Mary Edna Luker passed away a couple weeks ago. She and Walter raised their two daughters between Dora and Rogers. They were farmers and had retired several years ago and moved to Portales. They were very active in the Dora Baptist Church for years. Their youngest daughter, Donna and Benny Victor still come and worship with us. We pray God’s blessings on the family who are left behind. Mary Edna will be greatly missed, as Walter is since he died a few years ago.
Henry Forrer passed away in Lubbock last week. He and Deanna had lived here for years before his health was such they had to move to Lubbock to be near his heart doctor. Deanna had moved over there to be near him. We will miss them both in Dora. They were regular worshippers in Dora Church of Christ. We pray God bless them and all the loved ones and friends in their sorrow.

These are today in all Dora, Causey, Arch and Milnesand areas. For Dora, come in the afternoon.