Principals shift throughout Portales school district

By Tony Parra

When Portales children go to each of their schools in the fall, they’re going to see some changes, starting at the top with their principals.
Portales Schools Superintendent James Holloway said Principal Rick Segovia (who was the Steiner Elementary principal) will be the principal at Lindsey Middle School, Todd Morris (who was the Lindsey Middle School principal) will be the principal at Valencia Elementary School. David Van Wettering (who was the Valencia Elementary principal) will take over as assistant principal at the Portales High School.
“Mr. Nusser approached Mr. Van Wettering about the assistant principal position,” Holloway said. “David said he wanted to do it. We promoted Mr. Morris to principal at Valencia and Mr. Segovia requested to be considered for the vacancy at Lindsey Middle School.”
The assistant principal position was vacant for one year since Murphy Quick took the position as Portales schools finance director last year, according to Holloway. Portales High School will now have two assistant principals with Mark McAfee in the other position.
This leads to the new Steiner Elementary principal, Rebecca Flen. Flen was a teacher for Steiner Elementary for six years and has 13 years of total Portales schools experience, according to Holloway.
“I was really impressed with her qualifications,” Holloway said. “A big part of our decision was because reading is an emphasis. She taught reading and it’s our goal to have children reading at grade level by the third grade. She also knows the first grade program real well.”
Flen will become the third female principal for the Portales Schools district. Sharon Haught is the Broad Horizons principal and Jackie Burns is the Brown Elementary principal.