Project: Reader Reaction, July 7

A recent Project: Reader Reaction question asked:
“So the transfer of power is complete in Iraq. When will the violence in that country end?”
Some responses:

“IT IS HARD TO even imagine that the violence will come to an end. True what America did for Iraq was much needed, however the extreme members of the Muslim faith are going to look at Iraq as an American puppet, thus making it all the more easy of a target.
“A great example for this is found in Israel. So many ‘high level’ terrorists always put Israel and America in the same threat. In fact America is looked at as Israel’s money tree. Thus the anger and hostility directed toward Israel is pouring itself over onto our country.
“Iraq is going to find itself as an American ally, which is a good thing for us both politically and of course economically. For Iraq itself however, placing itself on America’s side of world alliances paints an amazingly large target on their back.
“Putting aside possible violence from outside sources in Iraq, internally the country is going to have to overcome delicate religious differences that are already turning violent. In a democracy like America, a false sense of majority is introduced. Time after time in the world’s democracies the citizens elect leadership that in many cases does not pose a majority of the vote. This approach leaves in fact a majority of the country not wanting their ‘elected’ leader. Now pair our introduced form of government, with the aforementioned qualities, and a country where extreme religious radicals are just hunting for a reason to make themselves known.
“The potential for more violence is there and will happen. The Middle East is one of the more embattled places in the world. For centuries blood has been shed for a wide variety of reasons. The one thing that has held constant is that a majority of the wars there have resulted in someone not fully respecting and understanding that special thing a man poses deep inside his heart that guides him to his limits and beyond. Someone having faith is not uncommon, however someone having a genuine compassion and respect for their faith when all else is lost for them is uncommon.”
— Brian Stein, Portales

“I DON’T SEE THE violence ending any time soon, which is sad to say. President Bush got us into this mess, and if he’s lucky he might get us out of it by November.”
— Marc Schoder, Portales