Rash of robberies hits county

By Tony Parra

A rash of robberies in Roosevelt County involving televisions, VCRs and, in one robbery, guns, have tainted the summer for county residents.
Richard Short of the Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Department said the related robberies happen within the span of June and July. He said there have been nine related robberies similar to each other from the middle of June till now. He said it hasn’t been determined if its the same person or people. The total value of the robberies is an estimated $9,300, according to Short.
One of the robberies in question took place on July 8. In an incident report, a few of the items stolen from the July 8th robbery at the house in question were guns. According to the incident report, the door facing the south entrance was standing open when the mother of the house owner had arrived. She noticed bullets on the floor and when she entered the bedroom, she noticed the gun cabinet removed.
The suspect took a Remington 12-gauge with an estimated value of $400, another gun with an estimated value of $350 and a pump pellet gun with an estimated value of $50. Other items, such as a VHS Emerson player and a Emerson DVD player were stolen from the house, according to the incident report.
There are pictures of the tire tracks on the scene, but no prints were found on the cabinet door appeared to be kicked in, the incident report said. Short did say in the count meeting on July 20 that deputies had footprints from the scene and the door appeared to be kicked in.
A witness said she saw a Hispanic male exiting in a white Ford Cougar with dark, tinted windows and a gray door on driver’s side between 2 and 3 p.m.
“They (deputies) have some leads and suspects,” Short said. “They are working diligently to try to solve the cases.”
Short said three other crimes were committed during the same span were thefts from storage units. He said they have arrested a subject who has confessed to the crimes, but Short said he can’t release the name of the subject because the investigation is still open.
He said further details of the case can be given out once the case is closed.