Gore grew up in homesteading family

By Kevin Wilson

Nearly 40 years ago, Marjorie Simich helped her sister remember her husband.
Her gesture to Lillian Gore was a marble headstone for Lillian’s husband, Herschel.
“Her husband died in 1965 and my husband made one for her husband at the time,” said Simich, who works with her husband on a family marble and granite business. “They got a bigger one so there would be room for both names.”
That headstone now includes Lillian’s name, as she was laid to rest last week at the Portales Cemetery. Gore died July 27 in Pocatello, Idaho, at the age of 89.
Gore was born March 21, 1915, in Elida to Edith and Ted Wilmes.
Lillian was the oldest of five children, whose parents homesteaded in the Elida area. The family’s residence was about 18 miles northwest of Elida.
“We had some cattle and we had a little farming too,” Simich said. “Just general early ranch life like just about anyone else.
Lillian and her siblings attended the Kentucky Valley School and Elida High School.
“There was a school (Kentucky Valley) about four or five miles away,” Simich said. “It was a two-room school. it had a big pot-bellied stove and when it was cold, we had to gather around it to keep warm.”
Simich said there wasn’t much to do with spare time, mainly because there wasn’t a lot of spare time. Holidays were treated in the highest regard, as they were opportunities for families and the community to gather.
“We gathered with the neighbors on the holidays,” Simich said. “One year, we’d have Christmas dinner at somebody’s house, the next holiday we’d go to another house.”
Lillian married her high school sweetheart, Herschel Gore, on April 21, 1936. She was a member of St. Helen Catholic Church, where she both worked and served as a volunteer leader her entire life.