Aug. 15 Dora School News

By Charlie Carmichael

School at Dora opened all “avenues” of entrance wide on Thursday morning for grades 1-12. There were many happy smiles and excited students, most ready to tackle this year positively.

Teachers and staff
All are on hand and ready to get to work. I understand the new principal, Mr. Barron, is still looking for a place here to live. We are all hopeful his family settle in or near Dora and we can all get to know his family better.

Pre-school and Kindergarten
The preschoolers are still being screened, etc. for school and will not come for a few days yet. The kindergarten kids will start the same day. The number grows daily.

Roads and Bus Routes
The roads and routes are all wet and may be a little muddy or wet in places, but no real problems for bus drivers are expected unless it rains more tonight. I saw some of the roads Wednesday and it looked good with exceptions of a few short low places of only very short distances. We need all the rain we can get – farm and ranch wise but can be a bit testy for rural bus drivers in some areas.

Special Notice
Commodities will be delivered to Causey, Arch and Dora also for Milnesand on Wednesday. Gail said to come to Dora at the regular time in the afternoon about 3 p.m. We did not get this information in time of earlier news for Dora or South County.

Charlie’s Trivia Question
What American holiday is the unofficial end of summer? (Answer next week)